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Virgin Connect is a member of the internationally recognized Virgin family of Sir Richard Branson Our holding company Trivon was founded in 2004 by a team of senior international telecom experts with the vision to create a leading integrated customer service focused telecommunications provider in Russia and other CIS markets.

Major shareholders

Trivon has a well balanced shareholder base comprising of international financial institutions, strategic partners as well as high net worth individuals. There is no single controlling shareholder. In 2007 the company concluded a brand licensing agreement with the Virgin group that provided the exclusive use of the Virgin Connect brand in Russia and all CIS countries for the provision of telecommunication services.

If you require further information on corporate matters please contact Markus Tagger


Virgin supports Virgin Connect through “THE VIRGIN WAY” in communicating and building brand values, training the people and helping improve the service portfolio to better differentiate Virgin Connect in its vision of being the broadband operator with the best-in-class customer experience. Virgin’s brand values truly differentiate in a competitive and information cluttered world.

Delta Partners

Delta Partners brings Virgin Connect expertise in setting up and expanding telecom businesses in emerging markets with strong growth characteristics.

Eurasia Capital Management

Eurasia Capital Management empowers the operations in the CIS countries with local market knowledge and valuable contacts.

Founders Trivon

The founding management team, which participated in subsequent funding rounds, maintain their financial contribution to the company development jointly holding a substantial stake in the

Private investors

Private investors, mostly French and Swiss citizens, play a key role in the business development. The combined stake of these investors is larger than of any other investor in the company.


Trivon knows that good corporate governance is vital to business success and is therefore committed to observing international best practice at all times

Trivon is committed to safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders and recognizes the importance of corporate governance in achieving this. It also knows that the transparent disclosure of its organizational and management structures as well as other aspects of its corporate governance help stakeholders to assess the quality of the Group and its management and assist investors in their investment decision. Trivon has installed several board committees as listed below in order to secure the best possible and efficient management and governance practice. This is backed by articles of association and corporate by-laws which support the idea of the four eye principle and the clear separation of execution and controlling.

Governance & Audit Committee

Nominations & Compensation Committee

Merger & Acquisitions committee



Markus Tagger

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Experience over 20 years in corporate finance, investment banking, and private equity (asset value > USD 1 billion)

Top management positions in telecommunications companies and family offices (asset value of> 1 billion)

Credit Suisse, Informix Software, Trivon AG

Co-founder of Trivon AG (Virgin Connect)

I started my career with Credit Suisse after graduating from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland with an MBA in Finance. I worked with Arthur Andersen and Informix Software in Italy, Spain and France and subsequently was named Deputy CFO and later CFO of a Swiss private family office managing assets with a value in excess of USD 1bn. In this role my main focus was on M&A and both Tax and Risk management. Then I took the challenge in one of the investee companies, the first and largest European VoIP Telecom Operator as CFO and was named Deputy CEO shortly thereafter. During my career path I raised more than USD 600m of equity funding for start-up ventures.

I enjoy spending time with my family and my friends. In my spare time I practice triathlon and rowing but my passion in life are architecture and Jazz.

Istvan Kovacs

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Experience over 30 years in various executive positions in Telecommunications and Media.

HTTP Communications, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Lockheed Martin Intersputnik

Radio Chanson and Chanson TV

With Virgin Connect team since founding

I started my career at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Hungary after graduating in Telecommunications Engineering and Economics in 1982. In 1988, I joined the Intergovernmental Organization of Space Communication Intersputnik in Moscow as an expert in the technical development department. In 1996 the member countries governments elected me Deputy Director General. I initiated and actively participated in the transformation of Intersputnik from governmental to commercial organization. One of my major achievements was the formation of Lockheed Martin Intersputnik Ltd; I became its first COO. In 1999 I moved to Lockheed Martin Global Telecom as VP Central Europe. As President and CEO of HTTP Communications I led its global group operations. I founded several private startups; one of those is the well-known in Russia Radio Chanson and Chanson TV. I’m a member of the International Telecom Academy, The Russian Academy of Astronautics and the International Satellite Professional Society.

I am passionate about big game hunting, cigars and music.

Andrey Filimonov

27 years of experience in the Russian and international telecommunications and IT industries

Graduated from Moscow Institute for Radiotechnique, Electronics and Automatics (diploma with honor) as systems engineer and speak Russian, English and French Advised to US WEST, ICO Global, Equant, Nortel, NEC Worked for Telecommunications Financing and Projects Ltd., RTDC, SkyLink With Virgin Connect team since 2008

I started my way in Telecoms in 1990 as a co-founder and partner in a private consulting boutique advising western telecoms operators and vendors on their Russian market entry strategies and regulatory environment. In 2003 joined RTDC as Vice President, Strategic Development and Head of Moscow Branch Office with area of responsibilities including strategic and business planning, business integration of multiple regional operating companies for mobile wireless broadband and voice CDMA 2000/450 ventures acquired and/or launched by RTDC. Key achievements included launch of Sky Link (mobile wireless broadband and voice CDMA 2000/450 federal (country-wide) operator in Russia) with subsequent corporate governance, management oversight and strategy implementation aimed at of shareholder value growth. Served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in APEX (CDMA 2000/450 venture in Chelyabinsk oblast) and KMS (CDMA 2000/450 venture in Kaliningrad oblast). Now reasonably passionate for theater and classic music.

Elena Romanova

Deputy to CEO, HR & Administration

Member of Management Board since 1 December, 2007

Experience in HR and TMT Company Structuring over 15 years


After graduating Moscow University of Social Science and Liberal Arts I started my career in Intersputnik, the Intergovernmental Organization of Space Communication Intersputnik as the Agency’s Legal Council. In this role I was responsible for setting up Lockheed Martin Intersputnik JV, as a global satellite service provider. I worked for the company over 12 years. Later joined Radio Rocks Broadcasting Company, which provides the range of Domestic Entertainment; Animation, Young Adults & Kids; News; and International content. I was involved in Program of developing executive regional leaders, extensive communication with employee associations and diversity programs.

I’m with Virgin Connect team from 2007. With my critical involvement the company integrated eight M&A acquisitions. I adopted Virgin’s employee communications program, Virgin Star nomination, Learning Organization Outlook and Lean Organization Initiative.

I’m fond of skiing and experimenting various culinary techniques.

Contacts Trivon

Russian Federation

10 Shabolovka str. bldg 1 119049 Moscow

Phone: +7 499 405 50 50



Bahnhofstrasse 23, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Phone: +41 41 710 68 08

Fax: +41 41 710 68 09


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